Your Full Service Car Wash in Paterson New Jersey!
Exterior and Full Service Car Washes.  Unlimited Wash Club &
Corporate Fleet Wash Service Available.

To Our Customers,

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this terrible pandemic. Here at Ride N Shine Car Wash, we have tried to take every step necessary to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. As a result, we had suspended providing full service car washes for the last 6 six months. However, we are happy to inform you that we are currently offering FULL SERVICE washes again!  We will vacuum your floors, clean all your windows (inside and out), wipe down your interior and clean your door jambs, just like we did before the crisis.  Rest assured, our employees will be outfitted in all the necessary PPE, to keep everyone as safe as possible.  We have also been very busy in the last 6 months maintaining and upgrading our equipment and services, as well as focusing on the appearance of our entire facility.  We think you will be happier than ever with our superior car washes and appreciate the quality of our Turtle Wax Pro products.  We look forward to welcoming you back!

-Ride N Shine Ownership